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THE ANTIDOTE is an ever-changing collection of artists led by Philadelphia-based theatre artist Michael Osinski.


THE ANTIDOTE believes live performance succeeds most when it entertains audiences and gives them a puzzle to solve. We blend contemporary pop culture with classic plots to craft a new way of telling stories. One that blends timeless tales and viral videos.  One that appeals to the fast-paced multi-tasking world we live in.

Our first production - THE HAMLET PROJECT - reimagined the classic play through the lens of daytime TV talk shows, music videos, online blogs, and pharmaceutical commercials. GREAT AGAIN (2017) paid homage to Ibsen's housewife heroine, blending 1950's sitcoms, dance crazes, and pulp fiction, all within the comfort and confines of a South Philly row home. Most recently we produced RED LODGE, MONTANA (2019 Philly Fringe) - a nightmarish unapologetic love letter to David Lynch set in an old locker room at the former Bok Technical High School.

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